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Our Mims paints a Moneigh at Keeneland
Our Mims creating a Moneigh™ at Keeneland in April, 2002
Photo Copyright © by John Bellucci, Equine Artistry


Besides her progeny, Mims was also responsible for the creation of varied and colored artworks. She was the first ReRun Moneigh™ artist!

What is a Moneigh™? The answer, from the ReRun website: "Simply put, our trademarked artwork (pronounced Mo-Nay... you know, like the famous French impressionist, Monet, only a horsey version) is created by horses. That's right, BY horses. They paint with their lips, noses, tails and hooves using non-toxic paints on archival quality paper. And is it ever fun watching these horses create their masterpieces!"

Here is a link to ReRun's Moneighs™ on eBay!

Our Mims Moneigh from the ReRun Mane Event


This Moneigh™ by Our Mims was auctioned at the 2002 ReRun Mane Event. It sold for $1,000 and netted Mims the "Moneigh™ Artist of the Year"!

Each Moneigh™ includes a lock of the artist horse's hair and a photo of the artist creating the masterpiece.


Jeanne's painting completed by Mims


This painting by Mims hangs in Jeanne's house.
Jeanne believes this is a painting of a flying horse.

"Self-Portrait" by Our Mims   Look at this painting by Mims (given as a gift to John and Cheryl Bellucci). The image on the left is the painting as done by Mims. Can you see the image of the horse head as John did? The image on the right includes his outline. We believe Mims did a self-portrait for us!

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